Skärholmens Mevlana Moské

About The Planned Mosque

The Mosque

The Islamic Cultural Association of Skärholmen

The mosque of Skärholmen is open for all nationalities. We follow Sunni Islam (Ahlu-Sunnah wa l-Jamaʿah - أهل السنة والجماعة‎) , but wherever possible other schools of Islam (madhhab) can benefit from the mosque. ​

The Suburb of Skärholmen

Concerning Skärholmen and surroundings we welcome all those of good will and curiosity to know more about the religion of Islam and the Muslims.

Especially in our time do we need more communication between people, groups and mentalities. The mosque is going to be - except for its normal function to be a place of worship - a meeting-point for young and old, Swedish and immigrants, modern as well as traditional, even a place to relax in our café and for young people to be, - by the will of God.

The Islamic Cultural Association

The Islamic Cultural Association of Skärholmen (SKIKF) has been active in the centre of Skärholmen for over 25 years and has contributed to activate many people and has become a link between society and its members.

In recent years the association's operation and its membership have grown quite a bit, to the point that we can no longer accommodate everyone in our premises. On Fridays, it is especially difficult to find space for our visitors, many have to pray in the stairways.

For this reason we have decided to build a genuine mosque in the centre of Skärholmen in order to provide for our members' religious and social needs and to have a meeting place to receive our visitors.

By the will of God will we be able to fulfil this important task and become an even stronger link between the Muslims and our fellow men who live in Stockholm and Skärholmen.

Pages for the local prayer-times here, and for prospective dates for the Islamic year.